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Our Coaches

Craig Coggle MSc ASCC

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My coaching journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster journey, starting out in group exercise and slowly progressing through various courses and accreditations to where I am now, about to finish my Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning. As an athlete, I comes from an international rugby and endurance sports background. As a coach I have trained athletes of all levels from a wide variety of sports, and non sporting backgrounds, and in 2019 was part of the England coaching team at the Commonwealth Championships in Canada. I believe the key to success is consistency, and consistency starts with a good programme that you are able to realistically achieve. I have had the pleasure of watching many people blossom from good training, both physically and mentally, and I want to deliver this to as many people as possible.

"Good coaching and community is essential for development, and that is what we deliver with The Barbelle Project!" - Craig.

Our Coaches: Meet the Staff

Alex Tomkins

I was like you when I started my fitness journey! Nervous! Apprehensive! Scared! and Uneducated!  I don't want any other women to ever feel that way. 

I was 33,  unhappy with how I looked, how weak I felt and how little I could do and felt intimidated . . All I wanted was to feel stronger and fitter... So I decided to make a change. I decided to retrain in the fitness industry. I am constantly achieving my goals of being stronger and fitter and am now in a position to help others through their fitness journey through programme writing and knowing how it feels to pick up a weight for the first time. 

I thought weightlifting was only for men. I thought it would make me big and bulky. How wrong was I?! It makes me feel alive, powerful and strong. When I pick up a barbell I feel in control and free. 

My goals are within my reach and yours can be too.

Rebecca Coggle

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Although I had been active most of my childhood all the way through to the age of 21, once work commitments and life got in the way keeping fit and healthy wasn't one of my priorities.  This probably changed a year before my wedding, where like everyone else I wanted to look better in my dress and so started the usual cycle of group exercise and cardio to get the job done.

Although I kept up the routine of going to the gym after getting married, it wasn't enjoyable and I would join numerous online challenges to try and keep myself on track, but if I could think of an excuse, I would use it to get out of as many sessions a week as possible.

This completely changed in 2018, when as part of one of the many online challenges, I had to do 1 rep max testing. Luckily my amazing husband knew his stuff and pointed out that I was quite strong. He suggested I give powerlift a go and I reluctantly agreed to do one competition to see how it went.  Skip forward to today and you could say it went quite well, I found everything I was missing in the gym and now look forward to training each week.

As an everyday woman I struggled with body image issues, but as a super heavy weight powerlifter I now celebrate what my body can do. Lifting heavy weights not only gets me into the gym, but it has also massively improved my confidence out of the gym.


I would love you to discover that feeling too!

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